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  • Where can I find a definition for terms used in this site?

    You can find definitions of specific terms on the website Glossary

  • Who is developing and funding INTERVALS?

    Philip Morris International R&D initiated the creation of INTERVALS with the intention to build an online platform enabling independent, third-party collaboration and data analysis by sharing protocols, tools, and data from assessment studies proactively. Data files are accompanied by the relevant information to foster reproducible research and by high-level summaries of obtained results. As the platform also hosts protocols and results from in vivo inhalation studies and in vitro studies describing the chemical composition, genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, and physical properties of the aerosol from this and other candidate and potential modified risk tobacco products, it can serve as an invaluable source of scientific assessment data. 
    The site and associated data warehouse are developed in collaboration with Emakina and Edelweiss Connect GmbH.

  • What is the current scope of INTERVALS?

    The INTERVALS platform and its associated data warehouse were created as a sharing platform for all studies, protocols, and data related to risk assessment of potential and candidate modified risk tobacco products as well as for reporting mechanistic investigations linked to tobacco-related diseases and pathways of toxicity.

  • How can I contribute?

    Strengthened by community features, INTERVALS aims to enable the necessary dialogue between industry, independent reviewers, the public health community, the research community, and regulatory agencies that can validate the harm reduction potential of potential and candidate modified risk tobacco products.

    Any institution producing relevant data on potential modified risk tobacco products (from aerosol characterization to molecular data) is invited to contribute to this infrastructure to facilitate scientific exchange and data reusability in the context of tobacco harm reduction.

    The dedicated protocols page should also allow to share and improve methods used in 21st Century Toxicology as well as mechanistic investigation of key biological processes and diseases.

Research tools


sbv IMPROVER is a crowdsourcing initiative that aims to encourage innovation and evaluation of scientific methods in an industrial setting.

By 2020, more than 850 experts from more than 500 institutions based in 65 countries had been part of the 11 sbv IMPROVER challenges and datathons. This resulted in 16 scientific publications and more than 20 collaborations between experts, institutions, and PMI.

To learn more, visit the sbv IMPROVER pages.

Library: white papers and scientific handouts

Articles and white papers of general interest can be found in this section. Media and articles specific to studies can be found in the respective study pages. Click on the images to open the documents in a new tab.

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