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  • BioDIVE is a free and versatile platform for applications that enable analysis of large datasets, including gene expression and high-content screening data, to extract relevant biological insights. 2 applications are already available in BioDIVE: CBN Score and GladiaTOX. CBN Score allows users to upload differential gene expression data, process that data through the causal network models, and then download interpretable and hierarchical results that quantify the effects of exposure. GladiaTOX is an all-in-one solution for the analysis of high-content screening (HCS) data.

  • sbv IMPROVER is a crowdsourcing initiative that aims to encourage innovation and evaluation of scientific methods in an industrial setting. By 2020, more than 850 experts from more than 500 institutions based in 65 countries had been part of the 11 sbv IMPROVER challenges and datathons. This resulted in 16 scientific publications and more than 20 collaborations between experts, institutions, and PMI.

  • The Causal Biological Networks (CBN) database is composed of multiple versions of over 120 modular, manually curated, BEL-scripted biological network models describing lung and cardiovascular biology and supported by over 80,000 unique pieces of evidence from the scientific literature.

  • AeroSolved is a Computational Fluid Dynamics code, based on the OpenFOAM software package, for simulation of the generation, transport, evolution, and deposition of multispecies aerosol mixtures. The AeroSolved website includes tutorial cases, documentation, and links to the code hosted on GitHub.

  • Garuda is an open, community-driven, common platform that provides a framework to connect, discover and navigate through different applications, databases and services in biology and medicine. Garuda provides language independent API to connect software as gadgets, explore them through the gateway and operate them through the dashboard, all the while supported by a global alliance of leaders in computational biology and informatics.

  • Nebion curates and integrates the world's expression data. Nebion provides high-quality curation, powerful search engine, and user-friendly data mining tools answering unique types of queries. Besides licensing curated content and analysis tools, Nebion offer services for the curation of public or private data, data analysis services and bioinformatics consulting.

  • The ABOUT™ Toolbox is a portfolio of self-report instruments meant to assess people’s perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours towards Reduced-Risk Products* in a scientific, robust manner.