BioDIVE is a free and versatile platform for applications that enable analysis of large datasets, including gene expression and high-content screening data, to extract relevant biological insights.

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BioDIVE applications are designed to help the scientific community understand and quantify the effects of bioactive substances.

Philip Morris International has launched a new, open-source computational tool, BioDive, which allows users to combine their own gene-expression data with biological network models and quantify the effects of bioactive substances.

BioDive can be used for a diverse range of applications including drug safety analyses, assessments of the biological impact of consumer products, and meta-analyses of systems-toxicology studies.

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CBN score


CBN score is a network-based approach for quantifying biological impact.

CBN Score allows users to upload differential gene expression data, process that data through the causal network models, and then download interpretable and hierarchical results that quantify the effects of exposure.

The algorithms used are based on the Network Perturbation Amplitude (NPA) and Biological Impact Factor (BIF) methodology which identifies and maps patterns in network perturbations.


GladiaTOX is an all-in-one solution for the analysis of high-content screening (HCS) data.

GladiaTOX enables the standardization of HCS data and dependable, reproducible analysis procedures that facilitate rapid-decision making processes.

Written in the R programming language, GladiaTOX enables robust and efficient storage, processing, and reporting of HCS data, in line with the landmark 21st Century Toxicology program. An evolution of the ToxCast PipeLine (TCPL), which was created for the US Environmental Protection Agency, GladiaTOX has been developed by Philip Morris International (PMI) in collaboration with Filer Consulting (Durham, North Carolina, USA), lead author of the original TCPL.

GladiaTOX has been released in GitHub in 2019. It is now available via the BioDIVE application.

You can find an example input file here.



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